This is an experimental work which brings together centuries, different worlds and all kinds of people like a beautiful, colourful mosaic. The work will have more than one perspective in its search for truth through the tales of all ages. It will be through fiction that all the elements of a related unreal world be explored. But even through its search, it will remain a fiction, and there is no direct application of reality to it. There will be battles won, truths uncovered and horrors unleashed, in fictional environment(s). There would be no relation to anyone living, dead, undead or going to die. It is only the story of humanity and the living world that would remain the same throughout the ages. Otherwise, there are no similarities.

This is in no way a “science” fiction, as there is no scientific basis for it. It is more a creative work than logical. If there is any logic in this work, it is on the use of this creativity. None of the events in this work has happened, nor is it going to happen. If you still feel that it can happen, you are still free to wait for it. More than half of the story is developed from a small dream sequence, and is powered by all the inspiration which has been gained through the long period of reading, movie-watching and gaming. To all those books, movies, games and their creators – this blog wouldn’t have been possible without thee.

PS: Please read from the beginning and don’t judge this from one post alone, and at least read from the first post of a specific timeline in case you don’t have the time or the need to read all of them.

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