2140 Timeline:
Noah: 27 year old protagonist; doubtful believer; an ordinary worker in the pipeline industry; orphaned by wars; motivated by The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis.
Soren: Noah’s senior; thinker and philosopher condemned to death for having faith and anti-govt stance.
Acheron: former President, now the dictator of the city-state; owns most of the private enterprises including air and water, the most significant one being the coffee industry.
Jack: unemployed youth; former social worker; infected and dying, not really interested in contributing to the world; enjoys life in the darkness.
Bella: daughter of Acheron; big Twilight fan with strange romantic dreams, retaining an inherited love for violence.
TTT: An apparition which roams around the remains in The Vampire Island inspiring Noah and Jack.

2110 Timeline:
Zeus: leader of the Northern Bloc set on becoming the God king and seeks revenge for his father who was forced to relinquish his position.
Ares: the commander-in-chief of the Northern Bloc who was renamed by Zeus to suit his mythology.
Luna: daughter of Christian and Circeei, a young lady who is originally expected to lead the Titan Settlements.
Veeiko: brother of V221KA who took upon the name in honour of his sister.
From previous timelines: Circeei

2080 Timeline:
Christian: a mechanic recruited to Titan; protagonist; lover of nature and poetry; firm believer; inspired by The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis.
Zachary: chief medical officer of the Settlement 47 on Titan; rational scientist; best friend of Christian.
Helios: chief military officer of the Settlement 47 on Titan; pro-govt, warmonger, nationalist and patriot.
Circeei: leader of Titan’s resistance; a survivor of Northern Bloc’s brutal military experiments & torture, also known as C1RC221
Dreeico: the second in command to Circeei, originally DR331K0, a sharpshooter.
Zarazen: the leader of the Reapers, keeps himself in his room, giving out orders.
The Voice: the conscience-like sound which talks to Christian, showing certain divine characteristics.
From previous timelines: Circeei (C1RC221), Laga

2060 Timeline:
Dion: leader of the Southern Bloc during the Third World War which lead to the end of the Southern Golden Age and his later execution.
Laga: leader of the Northern Bloc during the Third World War which lead to the end of the Southern Golden Age and the conquest of the Southerns.
C1RC221: The unnamed daughter of Dion and one of the tortured and medically experimented prisoners of war.
V221KA: C1RC221’s best friend, taller and another medical experiment, subject to torture, one year older and not remembering her name.
The Hive: the humanoid super computer which controlls the prison and dictates inhuman punishments. It has the form and voice of a little girl with long hair and nails.

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