2140 Timeline:
The Imperial Firmament: located somewhere near the Antartic circle. The last known city-state with an established government. The self-proclaimed highly developed, highly rational centre; one of its kind.
AchCo Pipelines: where Noah found a job for a low salary and no benefits, with an aim to sabotage the coffee industry.
The Vampire Island: the radio-active island, abandoned and known for dangers of radiation and mutants who show signs of vampire-like diseases.
Valhalla: A huge floating island in another dimension, part of a huge plan by Acheron.

2110 Timeline:
Asgard: the capital of Northern Bloc from where the supreme Northern leader rules, and the decision are made on future plans.
The Titan Settlements: the rebel controlled world which is ruled by ten members elected every year, Circeei being the longest ruling leader before stepping down.

2080 Timeline:
The Titan Settlements: A group of five settlements on Saturn’s moon, Titan; the comparatively low in power Settlement 47 belonging to the Imperial Bloc, the rest to the Northern Bloc.
The Reaper Ship: the place where Reapers live and captures people for torture and gathering information.
The Mystic Caverns: referred by the Northerns as the Slave Sewers, these caverns are home to the Others who have put up a resistance.

2060 Timeline:
Elysium: the largest city of Southern Bloc where the Northern establish their own puppet government after the city falls.
Dread Camp: a military base of the Northerns in Elysium which is a cover for conducting human experiments in an underground concentration camp.

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