2140: Revolution: Noah & Jack <> From Salvation to Redemption
The story of the revolution which is sparked by a seemingly minute act which will initiate the process of redemption and spawn a new world of freedom, truth, love and peace.
Major Inspirations: V for Vendetta, Equilibrium, Daybreakers, Underworld, Total Recall, Paradise Lost, Prometheus

2110: Forgiveness: Veeiko & Luna <> From Resurrection to Salvation
The story of the ultimate forgiveness, on the face of fury and vengeance, taking on anger with the truth that shall make both the perpetrator and the victim free and closer to salvation.
Major Inspirations: Event Horizon, Saw, Alien, The Matrix, Solomon Kane, Constantine, Queen of the Damned

2080: Suffering: Christian & Circeei <> From Transcendence to Resurrection
The story of two unknowns, met by the common thread of suffering which stretches beyond the globe throughout the universe, leading to the mutual knowledge of pain, agony and the final resurrection rooted in transcendence.
Major Inspirations: Martyrs, Pandorum, Oblivion, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Ghosts of Mars, John Carter

2060: Sacrifice: C1RC221 & V221KA <> From Void to Transcendence
The story of sacrifices, from the beginning to the end which calls for the ultimate sacrifice which will change the lives of many, with one random act of kindness taking a step closer to transcendence.
Major Inspirations: Ironclad, The Wasteland, Hostel, Schindler’s List, Naked Weapon, The Running Man


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