These inter-related and inter-woven tales spanning different time periods belonging to the ages from the second half on the twenty first century to the end of the first half of the twenty second century is a magical journey through the life of people who had faith, belief and hope which would continue to inspire mankind for centuries. In a world which is continuously devastated by war and the lack of faith, a few people will choose to be different, instead of sticking to the path enforced by the future dystopia.

All these stories are connected by more than one element. Sometimes, it is a book which is read by the protagonists in both stories and there are times when it might be a journal which is left for a person in the other story to read. They are also connected by their common qualities and weaknesses. Most of them all, they are connected by their faith, belief and hope. This is a story which never begins and never ends and it just gets bigger and bigger; for it is a never ending story of stories which will go on until the end of the world.

—| The Author(s) |—

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