Incomplete List of Partial Inspirations
The biggest inspirations are marked with a 

mvv51 copy

Paradise Lost: Book
300: Movie
The Pilgrim’s Progress: Book
Pandorum: Movie 
The English Patient: Book
Inception: Movie
I am Legend: Book
Oblivion: Movie  
Resident Evil: Game
28 Days Later: Movie

mvv55 copy

Interview with the Vampire: Book
Star Trek: Movie
Memnoch the Devil: Book
The Conjuring: Movie
Saw: Movie
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2: Game
Martyrs: Movie 
Dracula: Book
V for Vendetta: Movie
Queen of the Damned: Book

mvv52 copy

Equilibrium: Movie
Solomon Kane: Comic
The Exorcist: Movie
Mass Effect: Game
The Matrix: Movie
Event Horizon: Movie 
Mutant Chronicles: Movie
The Silence of the Lambs: Book
Cloud Atlas: Movie
Soul Reaver: Game

mvv54 copy

Hostel: Movie
The Vampire Lestat: Book
30 Days of Night: Movie
Vampirella: Comic
Daybreakers: Movie
The Haunting in Connecticut: Movie
Lord of the Flies: Book
Ghosts of Mars: Movie
Doom: Game
Lady Death: Comic

mvv63 copy

Vampire Journals: Movie
Waiting for Godot: Book
Se7en: Movie
Empire Earth: Game
Outlander: Movie
Silent Hill: Game
Constantine: Comic 
The Evil Dead: Movie
The Wasteland: Book
John Carter: Movie 

mvv53 copy

Age of Empires: Game
The Warlord of Mars: Comic
Ghosts of Georgia: Movie
Schindler’s Ark: Book
Red Sonja: Comic
Prometheus: Movie
The Outsider: Book
Alien: Movie
Dawn of War: Game
Naked Weapon: Movie

mvv64 copy

The Trial: Book
Jonah Hex: Comic
Underworld: Movie
The Running Man: Book
Rise of Nations: Game
Total Recall: Movie 
A Princess of Mars: Book 
Quake: Game
Ironclad: Movie
Halo: Game

+ self-made intellectual absurdity and a large number of others which I shall eventually find out…

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