2140 Timeline:
Phainomenon: the darkest time of the year when everything electronic failed; occurs exactly 30 minutes after six in the evening; occurs multiple times a year, but it is the Grand Phainomenon which claims the title of being the darkest of them all, on a particular day of winter.
The Acheon Industries: a group of 147 industries owned by the Imperial dictator, Acheon; includes AchCo Pipelines, Bella Coffee Sovereign Ltd, Air 4 All Ltd and Water Fresh Ltd.

2110 Timeline:
Almost the same situation of 2080, the only exceptions being the powers more evenly balanced and the alliances are short-lived and complicated, and Titan now under the control of rebels, and the same is the case of Callisto.

2080 Timeline:
The Treaty of 13: treaty which ended The Fourth World War; the remaining 13 superpowers were divided into 6 power blocs along with the other smaller nations; an oath of peace was taken, and an artificial intelligence was added which would press the detonation button that would launch an electromagnetic pulse crippling the aggressor for years and also self-destruct all their weapons; valid for 13 years.
Pathfinder: machine used to check for unidentified life-forms on other planets; runs with or without driver; can run on multiple fuel.
Titan: Saturn’s moon, third celestial body to be colonized by humans, shared by the Northern and the Imperial Blocs.
Northern Bloc: single largest bloc on Earth by area, weapons and economy; the largest colonizer of all three celestial bodies outside Earth; pioneers of advanced nuclear as well as Red and Green Matter weapons.
Imperial Bloc: smallest bloc on Earth by land area, but a powerful force on water and underneath; has multiple bases and cities underwater; always attempting more collaboration with the Northerns.
Central Bloc: medium sized group of nations surrounded by the other blocs; a strong presence underground; extends the domain under the Earth.
Eastern Bloc: the comparatively poorer bloc due to the lack of natural resources; still maintains a powerful army with help from its rich colonies on Moon.
Western Bloc: manages a mixed economy with the help of resources from its colonies on Mars; borders always threatened by the Northerns.
Southern Bloc: weakest of the Blocs, but looks forward to regain the lost glory by an alliance with the Easterns and the future colonization of Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.
The Reapers: a group of Northern guards who evolved to the conditions of their ship, accepting orders, hunting and torturing their victims; lives in the giant ship.
The Others: a group of revolutionaries, walking medical experiments originally intended to be super soldiers, adapted to the environment of Titan; lives in caves.

2060 Timeline:
Northern Bloc: single largest bloc on Earth by area, weapons and economy; always looking for war and attempting to take over smaller nations.
Southern Bloc: the second most powerful bloc with a thriving economy and boasts about a perfect peaceful world with no unemployment, crime or disaster.

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