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Movies of the Soul: Reviewed :: Where the latest movies are reviewed by the not-so-mysterious entity known as “the Vampire Bat”.  A collection of clear, but complicated subjective reviews which would have a lot of the author in it.  After all, the life is just like experiencing a movie.  It is just that you are into knowing the same a bit late, and the whole thing is going to be very unpredictable – and you might get into trouble or die in that experience.  So far, a good number of latest English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil movies are reviewed. The ratings are given out of hundred, and the top three movies of each year and each genre among English, Malayalam and Hindi movies are also given their own deserved mention. With a new domain bought, this blog is also the first blog to serve as a “paid website”.

Read the most appreciated posts: Ivide, Angels

Read the most visited posts: Om Shanti Oshana, Drishyam

Read the most commented posts: Jurassic World, Mili

Active from February 2013.



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Travel Diaries: Of this world and Beyond :: All journeys have those special intellectual and spiritual impact about which the traveler might be unaware.  It is not just the destination which will find a place in this blog, as a journey is more than that.  This blog will have a lot of you, your thoughts, your hopes and even your imagination and fantasy.  This is another subjective work which will have more of the author and his ideas – even those distantly related to the place.  This is one travel philosophy which you might not agree, but can still read and throw at your own risk.  After all, the author is a little bit of Ulysses even as the limitations continue to cripple him.  As Lord Alfred Tennyson had his words, “I cannot rest from travel”, “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”.

Active from August 2011.




The Tea Cerebration(s) :: The “s” in the end is optional, as the working of the human mind is beyond comprehension. This is a blog about random thoughts, but also has a lot of opinions, facts or memories which come in many ways. It also serves as an extension for the movie, fiction and travel blogs. This is also the most active blog among the four, and was the fastest blog to reach all milestones from fifty to two hundred and fifty. Despite taking 149 days to reach the first 50, it reached the 250 in 348 days, which is 200 posts in 199 days. With so many things to write about, I hope to keep this blog as the most active one. Even though this was the last blog to come active, it is the most active of them all having the most number of posts. In the very first year itself, there were 269 posts in 365 days.

Read the greatest achievement: The Vision of a Lost Bat

Read the most visited post: Divergence: A Crime?

Read the most commented post: The College Days at UCC

Active from July 2014.

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